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am a Certified Interior Designer, a Home Modification/Accessibility Consultant, and a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. But, sometimes I wonder if I should have been a Social Worker. Please don't get me wrong,

I love what I do, but I also like helping people. It's a trait that I'm sure I inherited from my father. He was always volunteering to help people in need.


Unfortunately, when I was in design school, my Dad was diagnosed with

Alzheimer's disease, and then later with Parkinson's disease. After his

diagnoses, and with the firsthand knowledge of watching him struggle

to navigate his environment, I found myself asking the question, "How can

I combine my love of design and at the same time, help people like my Dad

live safely and easily in their environment?"

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you to th

I am grateful to say that it took a while, but I finally found my answer. It was

a 19-year journey: 4 years as a non-traditional student in design school; 8+ years

dedicated to designing for seniors (Memory Care, Skilled Care, Assisted Living,

and Independent Living facilities); three years living in Switzerland for my husband's

job; and then back to the U.S. after Switzerland.


I held two design positions when I returned to the U.S. My first position I designed for seniors again, and commercial environments. The second position I designed barrier-free environments for people of all ages, for persons with disabilities, persons with special needs, Baby Boomers, and for people who found themselves in a new and challenging life situation.


I found my niche!

Photo Credit: 

M. Hooper Lofrumento

At Hooper-Cahill Design, I provide modifications and accessible design services for members of the community of all ages and physical abilities. I design for people so that they can live more independently, safely, and more comfortably in their environments for as long as possible.


I'm here to help you and your loved ones, and I do that by "Creating Designs for Living."

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