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We know it is hard to watch and wait while your existing space is turned into a customized space of your dreams, but your patience will ultimately be rewarded! Unfortunately, most times projects take longer than you expect. Also, please know that all design projects must be planned and a process followed in order to make the project successful.


We believe that transparency on a project is essential and honesty between parties builds trust. Remember, our goal is to provide modifications/updates that will allow you to live in your space as well as love your space. We want to make your life easier, not harder!



Site Visit: ​TBD between client and Hooper-Cahill Design, LLC prior to initial site visit. 

  • Initial Site Visit, drive time, mileage.

Charged per hour:

  • Environmental Adaptations Assessment (EAA)

  • Drawings/Plans

  • Scope of Work

  • Finish Schedule

  • Bid Review​



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Charged per hour continued:

  • Consulting

  • Managing and monitoring project

  • Contractor Selection

  • Liaison

  • Change Orders

  • Other Pertinent Documents Needed to Keep Project on Task

  • Product research

  • Product Selection/Product Research​

  • Furniture Research

  • Furniture Plans/Layouts


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